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British author, journalist and mental health advocate.

Singing in the Rain book cover

Singing in the Rain

52 practical steps to happiness

Thinking often makes us sad but doing rarely does. This book is about action: it is full of inventive and accessible activities, one for each week of the year, to help you rediscover your creativity and, little by little, build a new sense of purpose.

Black Rainbow book cover

Black Rainbow

How words healed me: my journey through depression

Black Rainbow is the powerful first-person story of one woman's struggle with depression and how she managed to recover from it through the power of poetry.

Walking on Sunshine book cover

Walking on Sunshine

52 Small Steps to Happiness

Walking on Sunshine offers 52 tips, tools and positive ideas (one for each week of the year) to guide you through the seasons and better manage the pressures of everyday life.

The Happy Kitchen book cover

The Happy Kitchen

Good Mood Food - Joyful recipes to keep you calm, boost your energy and help you sleep...

What foods make us happy? Scientists are now discovering a proven link between what we eat and how we feel ...‚Äč

You'll Never Walk Alone book cover

You'll Never Walk Alone

Poems for life's ups and downs

Words can be a way to unlock our feelings. Poetry allows us to be in touch with our emotions and helps us unlock and explore our vulnerability.